Brand Rep Services

We all do the best when we build each other up. That is something I have truly learned in this Etsy/Instagram maker world. I am so thankful to the friends I met during this maker journey and how much they helped and supported me!

We all start out somewhere.. which tends to be a new Etsy shop, with not many sales and no reviews!! It’s tough, but it’s where we all begin! The one thing I have really found valuable is just getting my products out there! I spent lots of time reaching out to older and more established accounts and gave them new products in exchange for a post and a pretty photo or two. Just having someone else say that they like something and post it can mean a lot especially when you are trying to build your brand!

I am unable to fulfill every request to help showcase items.. but I do my best to fit them in often in order to help build up new shops and makers! Fill out the form below and I will get back with you as soon as possible depending on availability.

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