Early thoughts of Easter

My Pastor made a comment around Christmas that really has me thinking more about Easter this year than normal. Most years I throw out some Easter egg decor, maybe a few bunnies, and that’s about it.

If you compare that effort to what I put in to Christmas there is a vast difference. But my Pastor said (and I’m paraphrasing because I never remember things perfectly), “Why do we put so much effort in to Christmas and none in Easter? Christmas is half of the story. The resurrection makes it complete!” And he is SO right! Easter is just as much worth celebrating! So I am starting today.. making plans for how to make this a special day for our family, making sure to focus on the amazing gift we received on Resurrection Sunday.

And just for some fun, I’ve even designed a little Easter T-shirt for the shop! Grab yours here!

If you’re on Pinterest come find me!!! I’d love to share Easter inspiration and encouragement with one another!!